Piotr Sowa aka Sowiszcze


I am 26-year-old human beeing from Poland. I've been working as full-stack web-developer for almost 4 years now, while finishing Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Western Pomeranian University of Technology. As a student I tried my best to be active, what resulted in me being chairman of biggest and most busy science club called SECred, vice-chairman of university's .NET Group and member of university's student council.

During my studies I became a Microsoft Certified Professional and Experienced assurer in CAcert Web of Trust. I am currently employed as full-stack web-developer at Aritma Soft, after working for Uniquesoft Complex IT Solutions at the same position for over 3 years.

In my free time I read books, where fantasy is my genre of choice. Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher series and Jakub Ćwiek's Kłamca series are my favourite. As a side hobby I like to walk and play games - tabletop RPG, console or PC.


Throughout few years of professional development, I came across many languages and technologies:

C# + HTML + CSS + JS
Stack I'm working with since beginning of my professional career
Frmework I am using in all applications developed using above stack
SQL Server
Database engine I use with all my applications
Version control system I use for every project
Over two years of development of interactive image editor using fabric.js
Almost 4 years of use in almost all applications I developed
Helping library I like to use in my projects
MVVM library I used for about 3 years
Angular & Bootstrap
Technology I am currently getting famliar with with about half year of insight
Protocol I am learning developing one of my current commetcial projects
I have developed RESTful API and socket communication broker in Python
I had the opportunity to develop many scipts using this language for GIMP